Crab CapitalMay 2023
A series of visual experiments in different mediums, all centered around exploring the idea of carcinization, the biological process in which an organism evolves to have the shape of a crab. The work produced attempts to draw a metaphorical comparison to capitalism as a carcinizing force for humans, molding us to think and act alike and exist under the same 
socioeconomic system despite widespread diversity.

Expanding on the initial medium of print, I created an installation titled “Carcinization Exercise for Humans”. 

It is an exploration of the relationship of humans to crabs, and the multi-million dollar seafood industry that has come to define their physical interaction. Crabs have come to be viewed as an abundant and disposable seafood product under capitalist models of production and consumption, and by putting this exploitation on full display, we can begin to question the extent to which we are harming and interfering with nature and its processes.

The looping video that plays on the monitor features heavily edited collages of various commercials that feature crabs, either as a product to be consumed or as a character used to sell product.

The interactive element of the installation is the ability for the audience to manipulate the audio that is playing in real time. To do this, audience members must crouch down to the floor and spread their arms out towards the pedal knobs, forcing them to contort their bodies into a shape similar to a crab. This is representative of the carcinization process in action, temporarily evolving the human body into that of a crab to glean a sense of empathy and understanding for the creatures that are all too often cast aside and used for their body rather than respected and helped. 

The installation was on display at Pratt Institute in a class group show called “Fresh Market”, curated by Shuyi Cao. 
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